ABT2CRe8 Watercolour Class

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Join us LIVE and learn how to paint a beautiful watercolour hydrangea.

Your live link to the class will be Emailed. 
Please include an email address when you sign up.

This event goes live at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 (EST)  

A PDF will be available for download immediately after purchase and will also be emailed to the email address you provide.  This document contains both the link and class information.  The link remains active after the live event, so you can participate at any time

In this class, Steph will demonstrate some watercolour basics such as mixing your own colours, building layers and creating a sense of depth.

To prepare for this class, download the hydrangea template and trace the outline onto watercolour paper. We will not have time to do this during the class, so you will want to do it ahead of time. ( Tip: place the watercolour paper on top of the outline and stick it to a window with a piece of washi tape or painter's tape, and then gently trace the outline in light pencil, not dark like in the original outline. )

You will require the following supplies:

Watercolour paper (for tracing your flower onto) The size of the flower is approximately 6"x8" so you will want your  paper to be at least 7"x9". 

Watercolours in red, yellow and blue. I use phthalo blue, quinacridone magenta and hansa yellow. If you do not have these colours, you can use any paints that you have and just make it your own special creation. The main thing that we will be going over here is layering and building depth and we can do that with any colours you have! 

A plate or watercolour palette

A paper towel or clean dry rag.

2 cups of water

White gouache or a white Gelly Roll marker (Optional) 

A round brush (number 6-8)

Around brush (number 2)

If you do not have these exact brushes, just a good round brush with a nice pointy tip is fine.